north carolina highway historical marker program
North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program

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A nyone is free to submit a proposal for a highway historical marker. Primary and secondary research should be included to support the validity of the claim or authenticity of the site. Proposals must be received by April 1 or by November 1, in advance of the May and December advisory committee meetings. Once received, the staff of the Research Branch will attempt to verify and supplement the proposal. The best possible case will be made in the presentation to the committee. The administrator of the program makes the applications available to the committee electronically, so a digital application is preferred (but not required). Files on all proposals are maintained by the Research Branch and are available for public examination upon request.

To request an application (either a digital or paper copy) call the Research Branch, M-F, 7:30-4:30, at (919) 814-6620 or email the program administrator at If you wish to write the Research Branch, please provide a phone number or email address where you can be reached and include information about the subject that you wish to commemorate. The address is as follows:

Research Branch
North Carolina Office of Archives and History
4610 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27610-4610



north carolina highway historical marker program
first marker dedication
The first marker erected under the program (above) was dedicated alongside U.S. 15 in Stovall, Granville County, in 1936. (Marker District G)

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