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     A founder of the Kehukee Baptist Association, Lemuel Burkitt (1750-1807) was the most influential Baptist leader of his day. Born near Edenton, Burkitt considered study of the law but was drawn to the ministry. Ordained in 1771, he served Sandy Run Baptist Church at Roxobel in Bertie County for the balance of his life. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention meeting at Hillsborough in 1788.

     In 1774 Burkitt inspired a local fervor for revival and increased substantially the fold at Sandy Run. He travelled to Kentucky and, on his return in 1801, proclaimed that he has converted to the faith over 6,000 in eight months.

     As leader of the Kehukee Association, Burkitt left a permanent imprint on Baptists in North Carolina. He was elected clerk of the association 29 times. Burkitt published in 1803 the history of the association.

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north carolina highway historical marker program

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